Real Organic Vs. That Other Stuff

So far, my journey towards eating organic locally grown foods is faring pretty well. I did have a moment this past weekend at our local farmer's market where I questioned my choices and realized I had spent more money than I wanted on not enough items.

Having been to the Farmer's Market previously with my friend Laural, I thought I would try it solo. There are pros and cons to shopping at the Farmer's Market. I definitely still need help. And to get a little bolder with my organic shopping. Look at the organic goodness that Laural walked away with.

She paid a mere $21 for this bounty. 

Laural wrote a great post yesterday that sheds light on the growing trend in food products that claim they are "natural" or "organic" and how you can know what's the real deal. Remember my "organic juice box" debacle?

I'm still learning...


  1. What beautiful produce!

  2. I'm new to your site and I love it!! I was wondering though what the brand of your muffin tin is and also the cups inside... what brand are those?