Cakey Pops in San Diego

Our local farmer's markets (we have so many in the greater San Diego area) are full of not only organic produce but they also serve local sweet treat like these Cake Pops from Cakey Pops. They have a booth at the La Jolla Open Air Market 

Cake Pops were made famous by the incredible Bakerella and Starbucks makes them widely available to the public en mass. Cakey Pops is a local business that is bringing Cake Pops to the residents of San Diego County. She was recently even featured here on the Sunday morning news!

But, if you want a personalized burst of Cakey flavor without the fuss and muss of making them yourself and you live in and around the San Diego area-then Cakey Pops are for you. 

I couldn't even wait to get home to eat one.
The Green Tea was surprisingly delish!

 I don't normally post about hyper local stuffs, but these were delicious! Vanilla and Red Velvet were the stand out super stars. They were gone really fast. ;) I ended up eating 3 in a row. Shhhhhh.....

To find out more, you can visit CakeyPops.com or like Cakey Pops on Facebook

What sweet treats have you enjoyed lately?

*Disclosure: I received 5 Cake Pops to review on this blog. I was not paid to write this post. My opinion is my own.


  1. Lord have mercy. I'm making these for my daughter's birthday party on Saturday. YES, I should have done a trial run. NO, there is not any time left.

    Wish me luck.

  2. oh yum! I've made cake pops once...they are a chore, but so good! I made my first pumpkin pie of the season yesterday...

  3. oh Meredith! Pumpkin pie is my all time favorite fall dessert. Hope it came out good. :)