Crockpot Organic Applesauce

My friend Kate of San Diego Deals and Steals posted the most amazing and simple recipe recipe for homemade slow cooker crock pot applesauce with organic apples and cinnamon.

"So about a month ago my mom brought over a HUGE bag of organic apples from her neighbor John’s apple tree.
On one hand – SCORE – free organic apples.
On the other hand – organic apples don’t keep as long as their pesticide ridden counterparts and I immediately began stressing about how we would consume them all before they went bad." 
Read more... for the full directions and crockpot applesauce recipe


  1. With it being apple picking season I want to try to make applesauce! Thanks for sharing ; )

  2. For Johnny Appleseed Day (Sept 26) I make homemade cinnamon apple sauce (it's more chunky than saucy though) with my students in class. We do it in the crock pot & let it cook all day. My classroom always smells sooooo good on that day & we have such a yummy snack to share in the afternoon!

  3. I made this last year and snuck in spinach and carrots....I did add blueberries too! It was a super easy way to get the kids to eat some veggies!!

  4. Traci, really? That's brilliant!