Muffin Tin Meal: Fruit, Cheese and Bread Snack

Just a little fruit, cheese and bread plate for the kids. Join me every Monday for Muffin Tin Monday. When I started to put this together one afternoon last week for the kids I realized I was piling their plate with ho-hum foods. Cut it up and pop it in a muffin tin and instantly it looks more appetizing! It's an easy simple idea that will have your toddler or preschooler begging you for a muffin tin meal.


  1. You right with all these colors it really looks more appetizing. Yummy! Great blog post. Keep it up!

  2. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Hey sweet lady,
    I was talking to Ellen and found out you are a blogger. I am so excited...I am now a follower of yours. This is such cute idea. I am going to have to these ideas with my kids they are going to love it!! I am new to the blogging world and just started a month ago....you should come check it out...www.tripletasking.com

    Karisa Carter