Are You Ready To Pack Lunch Fast?

Bento-style Easy Lunch Boxes are what I use to pack my kids school lunches. On occasion, I will make a muffin tin meal and put it in a low snapware container, but I don't want to deal will the possible spillage every day. So, I scoured the internets and found that the most cost effective and still super cute lunch box system were Easy Lunchboxes.
I've been using them for over a year and they are easy to use, highly durable, dishwasher safe, BPA Free, and the lids and accompanying cooler bags come in a variety of colors.

Unlike the cheap store bought disposable variety, these have withstood hundreds of trips in the dishwasher. And continue to hold up. Easy Lunchboxes are also the Top Selling Lunch Box on Amazon. Which speaks volumes to their product. And no more spending money on little plastic baggies!

With Easy Lunchboxes, I can be creative in presentation if I want to. Or, if on busy school mornings, I need that extra 5 minutes to brush-my-teeth-get-dressed-comb-my-hair, then having these super simple lunchboxes is a life-saver. 3 items in the box plus a snack and drink and done! I highly recommend the insulated cooler bags that complete the Easy Lunchbox system. They fit the lunch boxes perfectly and come in a variety of cute colors.

For more fun kids lunchtime ideas visit the Easy LunchBoxes gallery.

Are you ready to pack lunch fast?

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