Christmas Muffin Tin Meals Supplies

I'm ready for Christmas-y Muffin Tins. How about you?

Places to find Muffin Tins:

-Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Joann's : Armed with a 40% coupon, you can get a great deal on some fun Holiday Muffin Tin Supplies.

-Dollar Store - Right now, Dollar Treee has a selection of holiday baking items such as 6 cup muffin tins, holiday themed cupcake liners and picks.

-Target: Always be on the lookout in their dollar aisle. I have seen fun muffin cups and holiday muffin tins (like the christmas tree ones pictured above) in the Dollar aisle.

-Thrift Stores: Goodwill, Salvation Army and your local thrift store may have muffin tins just waiting to be given new life!

- Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls: These discount stores offer some unique cookie cutters and sprinkles and the occasional muffin tin in the cookware sections. Be on the lookout!


  1. I need to steer away from these stores. My muffin in storage area is brimming with supplies.

  2. Haha! I am with you on that one. I am going to need a pantry just for lunch supplies. I soooo want to go to dollar tree and Target after reading this post though!

    Also, I decided to start making some Christmas picks and lunch box notes myself so that I can save some $. I posted them on my blog.

  3. I just bought a snowflake muffin tin (glittery silicone)! So excited to do holiday lunches!

  4. With muffin tin items as cute as these...I will be on the lookout for sure!

  5. I am in the UK and found some great stuff at our version of TJ Maxx.

  6. Rite Aid had some holiday silicone muffin tins for $5 or $6, and now on sale for half off!