Muffin Tin Monday: Christmas

Happy Muffin Tin Monday This is the weekly blog link up where we share the Muffin Tin Meals we made for our kids. Over 3 years in the running, this little blog carnival has been the catalyst for some serious lunchtime fun. Here's what I made my daughter this week:
 Tangerines, carrots, circle ham sandwich with a Christmas tree

I used a food writer pen to make the tree. Let me just say, not a fan of food writers on bread. While it turned out pretty cute, I probably will try and find something (more healthy) other than food coloring to use -maybe cinnamon?  I bought these at the Dollar Tree. Pretty fun.

Now it's your turn!


  1. I love the stencils. Our Dollar Tree didn't have them. I did get fall stencils on sale to use next year.

  2. Simple, cute lunch. Can't believe you got those stencils at the Dollar Tree. Cool

  3. Love your Christmas tree sandwich stencil. It is so cute. Hope you and your family are having a great Christmas season!

  4. Sadly, I wasn't able to play along this week, but I am enjoying the submissions of the other participants!
    I love your MTM meal. The stenciled tree is so cute! I will have to look for those now. If you find a good alternate for the food writers, I'd love to hear about it. :)