Paper Muffin Liner Angel Craft

Today's holiday Christmas craft idea is inspired by Martha Stewart. I found these adorable snow lace cupcake muffin liners from Martha Stewart Crafts and I knew just what to do! Make little paper angel dolls.

To make these Sweet Christmas Paper Muffin Cup Angel Dolls, you'll need a few things:
  •  Paper Muffin Liners (I used these ones from Martha found online or in Michael's)
  • 1 Paper Doilie, cut into small sections for wings (see below) for angel head
  • 1 Circle Punch (or a way to cut out a circle from cardstock for the head)
  • Gold Glitter Dust and Glue ( Martha has that too ;) )
  • Craft Glue or adhesive (I used K & Co. Quick Dry Craft Bond because I had it on hand, but whatever works for you)

First step: Fold your muffin liner in half and in half again. 
Add a dab of glue to the inside fold for a little extra stability if desired.

Next: Cut out your circle for the head, add eyes and mouth with a pen.
 Add a line of glue at the top of the head and sprinkle with glitter. Allow a few minutes to try.
Cut out small sections of your paper doilie for wings
You should have all the pieces as seen below.

Now add them together: Glue the head to the body and the wings to the back.
 Poof out the sections on the bottom so it stands upright.

Look how cute she turned out! I just love them to pieces.