Muffin Tin Monday

Happy Muffin Tin Monday and Happy New Year! We rang in the new year amongst friends and the last 2 days have been nothing short of a complete blessing. I hope your beginning of 2012 is a full of hope as mine is.
Muffin Tin Monday is the weekly blog carnival that celebrates the Muffin Tin Meal held here at Muffin Tin Mom. A Muffin Tin Meal is a meal served in a  muffin tin, usually for kids as a way to get them to eat healthier, break up the lunch time blahs and have fun with food. 

2011 was a year of awakening for our family's food choices. We now eat organically when possible and seek to eat as many fresh seasonal local foods as possible. We are on the hunt for stores and markets that carry fresh local produce and I hope 2012 brings the advent of more farm to table adventures.

Here's how we rung in the new year, Muffin Tin style:

Nitrate-free deli meat, tangelos from a friends yard, vanilla yogurt with sprinkles, cheese squares, raw broccoli, pears, hard boiled eggs and apple slices.

It's amazing how 19 sprinkles can jazz up yogurt!

Thank you for being part on an amazing year for this site. I am excited about some of the wonderful things on the horizon for MTM. Stay tuned for more interactive site features in 2012. I want to make MTM more of a resource for you and will be sharing crafts to go along with MTMs in the coming year.


  1. The littlest things can make such a difference! I'll have to try the sprinkles next time I serve my boys plain yogurt!

  2. That's a nice looking lunch. Wish someone would fix me a good muffin tin lunch. LOL!!

  3. I loooove that muffin tin! So cool with the square holes! And yeah, sprinkles on yoghurt is a favourite around here too (and edible glitter on yoghurt!!)

  4. We love sprinkles at my house too.

  5. I love the idea. I'm on the lookout for cute muffin tins now :)

  6. That looks like a great meal. I have to say I really love the tin with the square holes.
    Thanks so much for this great linky. Looking forward to another great year of finding great muffin tin ideas and sharing.

  7. So glad I found this blog! You have some great ideas I'd love to use with my families. Moms are always looking for fun new ways to get their kids to eat healthier foods. Great job! :)

  8. Yummy MTM meal! My girls love hard boiled eggs and I hadn't thought to include it in their tins. I will have to try that next time. As usual, great tips!