No Need For The Sunday Paper

(a little sneak peek of tomorrow's muffin tin meal)

The new year is ripe with hope, change, and opportunity to make healthier choices with what we and our kids eat. And after the donuts I made this week, I figure a little re-focus onto healthier choices is good. Not that I don't love the occasional sweet treat. :)

Here are this week's links:

Six Sisters' Stuff: 100 healthy snack ideas, perfect for those looking to make healthier choices and still keep the taste buds happy.

Copy Cat Cook: Make homemade Strawberry Fruit Roll Ups With Nothing but strawberries and cinnamon

Simple Organic: Real Food Changes that make a big impact (I was surprised by the "add fat to vegetables" one)

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  1. Perfect theme for this week. I'm feeling the same way, just bought tons of fresh veggies, fruit, ect..to get everyone back on track from the "graze on what you want" holidays...lol