Sort Legos in a Muffin Tin

Putting together those new Lego sets can sometimes be a challenge. Muffin Tin Boy received some pretty amazing Lego Ninjago sets for Christmas and the Legos seemed to be continually sprawled across  the middle of the family room as he was searching for each piece. Plus, I would inevitably step on a piece or three.

Enter my solution to keep the pieces easier to see and assemble and easy to put up and out of the way mid assembly. Sort them in a muffin tin (or cupcake pan if that's what you call it).

For the larger sets, we used two muffin tins.

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  1. my son is so in Ninjago.. and he is 6.... but I find them all over the house.. maybe this would help lol

  2. This is a great way to sort!

  3. Love it! I love coming across new uses for everyday things!