Folded Cupcake Liner Flower

I am swimming in cupcake liners over here! Being the Muffin Tin Mom, I have a plethora of muffin and cupcake liners. I am always thinking up fun ways to use them “outside the tin”. Yesterday, Muffin Tin Girl performed in a "Reader's Theater" at school. Every young performer deserves flowers after a good performance. So, I made her a little Folded Muffin Cupcake Liner Flower.

FEb 17 2012 049
After school when she came home, she wanted to make one of her very own folded cupcake liner flower. So, we did. I was very careful to explain how hot glue works. It was definitely a moment I will never forget as I remember the first time I used a hot glue gun with my mom. We worked together to create her flower, folding the muffin liners around a paper circle and adding a button.

FEb 17 2012 065

Proud of her work.

paper cupcake liner flower

I attached an alligator clip to the back using hot glue, so she could put it in her hair.

folded paper cupcake liner flower

If there was a bonus, it would be that the pack of muffin liners was $1 at Dollar Tree. The clips were around $2.99 at Michaels (without a coupon), so with the items I had on hand, this project was around $2-4.

I cannot take credit for this idea. I was inspired by a several posts:

This paper pinwheel flower craft would make a great Girl Scouts group activity or Mother’s Day craft.


  1. That's so cute! My Bella would love it!

  2. Anonymous8:56 AM

    OH my goodness, how cute are these!!!

  3. That is Awesome! I LOVE it!

  4. That is Awesome! Love it!