Free Muffin Tin Meal Planning Page by Second Story Window

I invited Emily to guest post today and share with you about her FREE Muffin Tin Meal planning page. I know you will love it, as well as Second Story Window as much as I do! It's great for tracking your little eater's likes and dislikes as well as brainstorming themed muffin tin meal ideas.  I'll let Emily tell you more.
Hi Muffin Tin Mom readers! My name is Emily. My sister Heidi and I run Second Story Window, a printable educational game shop. We also blog ideas and printables on our (new and improved) blog.

Michelle asked me to share with you a muffin tin meal planner that Heidi came up with. For Christmas she gave me the most adorable muffin tin meal kit. My daughter is only 22 months, so we are new to the muffin tin meal world. The kit was just what I needed to get started!

With the kit, Heidi included the muffin tin meal planner she created, which she had printed up into a planning book for me. Here's what it looks like.

  • I can plan out what I want to go in each compartment of the tin and also keep track of which food groups I'm hitting. 
  • I can make any notes on the side for presentation ideas or reports of how the meal went over. 
  • There is also a handy way to note what your child thought of the food. 
  • I can mark a smiley face for foods my daughter loved, a check mark for foods she tried, and an x for foods she didn't even touch. I find it so useful to be able to look back and see what foods I haven't offered my daughter in awhile and which ones she did and didn't like recently.

Here's an example of a recent meal for my daughter.

And here's the planning page in action. I forgot to photograph the page before I added her opinions but I think you can get the idea!

Now, I can remember that while she loved the applesauce, she probably wasn't quite ready for it since she enjoyed spooning it over all the rest of the food much more than actually eating it!

Come over to our blog and download the meal planner page and try it out yourself. We'd love to hear how it works for you and see how you use it!

Michelle here. I love this so much and I hope you do too! Now go and download a free copy for yourself and check out their adorable printables.


  1. That's a very cute idea. I can see how it would be helpful on more elaborate MTMs!

  2. What a wonderful tool!

  3. Thanks! I want to start doing these again, and this would be perfect to get the planning done for the week!

  4. I am so inspired right now. I love the printable! Laminate it and you can re-use the same page each week. I am definitely gonna try joining in on muffin tin mondays again. My daughter is a great eater so this will be fuN!