Easter Memories and Fun Easter Baskets From Red Envelope

Every family has different Easter traditions. I have a very vivid Easter memory of when I was a child, my dad made a jellybean trail from my bedroom door down the hallway to an Easter basket filled with chocolate bunnies, Easter eggs, and treats. My parents were going through a divorce at the time and I remember that small act of “I think your special and I love you” being really meaningful.

fun easter basket ideas red envelope

The basket looked very similar to this fun Easter Basket from Berries.com
I am so grateful that my children are blessed to have their grandparent’s presence in their life and we are able to celebrate Easter together. Easter baskets are a sweet reminder of that whether you live close or far apart from loved ones.

My husband tells me that it was tradition in his family that every child get a chocolate bunny and that chocolate bunnies are best eaten after they have been chilled in the fridge. His mom still gives out chocolate bunnies.

If you are of the Christian faith, then you might also call Easter Sunday “Resurrection Sunday” as we do. It was and still is a tradition to greet someone on Easter with “He Is Risen”, and they respond with “He Is Risen Indeed”.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to choose from some the fun and unique Easter baskets from Berries.com (a partner site of Red Envelope). I have written about Red Envelope before, and their partner Shari’s Berries takes great pride in creating some of those same lifetime memories and traditions that I mentioned above. Whether it’s offering up some yummy chocolate covered strawberries, creating a classic Easter basket or offering a healthier spin with some delicious fruit, Shari’s Berries is dedicated to helping it’s customers find the perfect gift.

If you can believe it, I offered my kids a choice as to which one they wanted and they chose the fruit! Not joking. The fruit. I wasn’t going to complain.

march 2012 021

The basket came wrapped in a gorgeous basket. Had I sent this as I gift, the receiver would have opened a card wrapped in vellum.
march 18 2012 015

The kids chose the fruit basket with the cheese and crackers. The kids couldn’t WAIT to dig in.The cheese was delicious and sweet.
march 18 2012 037

We had a little European style mini picnic with our fruit, cheese and crackers.

march 18 2012 042

*** I was provided with a basket from Berries.com to share with you about their fun and unique Easter baskets. The content is original and all mine. The fruit was delicious.


  1. That looks like a delicious basket! I will have to check out the site, thanks!

  2. YUM! What good kids to choose a fruit basket when they could have chosen anything - just shows you are raising htem to be very healthy - good for you ;-)