Fresh Frozen Pure Strawberry Sorbet

frozen strawberries
Pure frozen strawberries blended into a strawberry sorbet or granita-like dessert and topped with Nature Box brand granola. There’s no added sugar to the strawberries and no water, just pure strawberry yumminess.

I was inspired by Nita’s guest post yesterday about her frozen banana soft serve to see if it would work with strawberries. It did! It’s a little slushier, more like a gelato or a sorbet, but still tasty. The sweetness of the sorbet depends on the sweetness of the strawberry.
.For 4 methods on how to freeze strawberries smoothies, desserts and more, check out Simple Bites


  1. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Yum that looks so good with the granola. Thanks for the shout out too!! When peaches come back in season, they work well with this too. You can add a little non-dairy milk for creamier peaches.

  2. This really looks refreshing! I will so be making this in the summer!

  3. Anonymous12:27 PM

    you need a PIN IT button :)