Green Shamrock Kids Lunch Snack

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and I thought I would share this simple and fun St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock lunch for kids.  Being that I have a good amount of Irish blood in me, I thought it would be fun to feed the kids a shamrock-shaped treat.

shamrock quesadilla

To make this easy and festive St. Patrick’s Day lunchtime treat for kids,
you will need a few things:
  • Spinach & Herb Flour Tortillas (We used Mission Brand)
  • Cheese of your choice, shredded or thinly sliced
  • Heart-shaped mini food cutter
  • Knife/or Pizza cutter

    Here’s the “How to”
  • Lay the tortilla flat on a plate
  • Add shredded cheese or your choice (We used Swiss) and fold in half.
  • Cook it in a pan on medium heat flipping halfway through until the cheese is melted.
  • Or just pop in the microwave for a about 30-45 seconds
  • Using a heart shaped cutter, cut out 3 hearts and
  • Using a pizza roller, cut a thin triangulated edge for the stem
heart cutter shamrockheart cutout

Arrange the mini green quesadilla hearts in a shamrock shape and serve with fresh fruit muffin cups.

shamrock food idea

There you have it, a green shamrock quesadilla lunch perfect for the kids on St. Patrick's Day


  1. This is so pretty and healthy. What a great idea!

  2. This is a really great idea. I like seeing how it's a healthy snack for kids. Fruits and vegetables to go along with it is really nice. Thank you for providing the pictures.

  3. Thanks for sharing this post with us. Due to this type of shape child are like to eat food. This snacks looks very attractive and nice. You have done fantastic work.