Muffin Tin Monday: Rainbow Muffin Tin Snack

We are nursing some serious sickness over here in the Muffin Tin Household. Definitely on the mend, but the last week has been crazy.

As St. Patrick’s Day and spring approaches, I though it would be fun to celebrate with a rainbow fruits and veggies themed Muffin Tin Snack. Oh how we love fresh fruit!

rainbow food muffin tin meal

In this muffin tin snack: Red Strawberries, Orange Carrot sticks, Yellow Banana slices, Green Cucumbers, Blue Blueberries, and Purple Plums

I used Martha Stewart’s delightful rainbow colored paper treat wrappers from Michael’s.

Martha Stewart Treat Cups

Get your Rainbow on with these fun activities and products:
-Inspire kids to eat from the Rainbow every day with fun Today I Ate The Rainbow Chart
-Play the Crunch-a-Color game
-Make a finger print rainbow
-Paint a water color rainbow craft with Make and Takes


  1. What a pretty MTM! Hope you're all fully recovered soon!

  2. Poor you - hope everyone is feeling better soon! (and those are such pretty muffin papers!)

  3. These fruit cups should help everyone feel better.

  4. Thanks for the kind mention and all of the great ideas! Love how you make healthy eating fun and colorful! - Jennifer

  5. Love the muffin tin! So bummed that I have nothing to share today. The virus hit our house last night and I am scared to feed my children. lol. I AM feeding them but nothing exciting.

  6. Such a great display of colors = a well balanced meal :-)