Lunch Update

Remember last fall when I posted the video about my son not eating his school lunch? Well, this morning he politely asked if I would not make him peanut butter and jelly anymore because he didn't like it. He said "I ate it anyway, even though I didn't like it." That is such great progress! I was happy to not put PB and J in his Easylunchboxes anymore. The kid loves fresh fruit and veggies, but PB and J doesn't pack a lot of nutritional punch. We were in between shopping trips at the grocery store and I was trying to make our budget streeeeeeettttcccch. Have you been there?

If you are curious about our lunch boxes, you can visit the easylunchboxes site. We love them and are finishing our 2nd year of using them without replacing! I loved them so much, I became an affiliate. And you can too. 

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