Muffin Tin Monday

Welcome to Muffin Tin Monday!  this is the weekly blog carnival that celebrates the Muffin tin Meal. We enjoyed a wonderful Spring Break and celebrated Muffin Tin Boy’s 7th birthday. We are looking forward to getting back into our daily routine. I was avoiding a trip to the grocery store this week, so our muffin tin meal is a bit of a hodge podge of foods.

muffin tin meal for kids
In this muffin tin meal: Heart-shaped sandwiches, banana slices, fish crackers, egg candies, peas

I have a few fun posts coming up about some wonderful food partnerships. I am looking forward to sharing with you about these wonderful companies.
I am also going to be taking the some time this month to write. So you will see some more guest posts. I hope you have been enjoying the ones I have shared recently.
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  1. Happy Birthday Muffin Tin Boy!!! :)

  2. Is the heart shaped bread actually a sandwich of some sort? That's really cute and I think my daughters would have a lot of fun eating those.