Strawberry Ganola Yogurt Parfait or What I Do with MTM Leftovers

On occasion, I will make a muffin tin meal for my kids and have all of these little scraps from when I cut the food in to cute little shapes. Instead of discarding the scraps, often I will make myself a little snack or lunch “sidekick”. Like this strawberry granola yogurt snack made from the scraps of last weeks cute bunny lunch.

strawberries yogurt granola 
What do you do with all the little extra pieces from making cute shapes with food?


  1. I usually eat the bits and pieces! This looks wonderful.

  2. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Great idea! Much more appetizing looking than my usual pile of scraps on my plate! :)

  3. If it's plain bread trimmings I put them in the freezer until I have enough to make homemade croutons, yesterday I had off cuts of fruit and veggies and I made a delicious salad for my lunch. If I have cheese scraps I put them all together in the fridge and add to Mac and cheese or some other meal. some times I munch on them as I work!

  4. We usually eat all the scraps right then. Sometimes we run into the issue of the kids not eating all of their cute foods and it sits on the plate for a while. Apples turn brown and bananas get yucky. I have to admit that sometimes we do toss it.

  5. I just snarf, but what good ideas Amanda!