Treasure Mom With Personalized Gifts For Mother's Day

I have this amazing person in my life. She is my mother. Actually she is my step-mother. But I haven’t referred to as such in a really long time. Sometimes that confuses people when I talk about her. I don’t mind explaining her awesomeness to people.

No. Never.

My mother is amazing. She is loving and gracious. She is giving and selfless. She is real. She lights up a room with her presence and makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world when talking to her. She listens. She shares. She loves.
She is honored above all other mother’s in my heart.


She loves my children like she loves me. And that is such a treasure. So, celebrating her every Mother’s Day is a joyful reminder of how much of a impact she has had on my life.

PersonalCreations.com is helping me honor my mother this year. The gorgeous engraved glass block pictured above is just one of the many personalized Mother's Day gifts they have available. They would love to help you celebrate your mom (or that special person who loves you like one). They have price points for every budget and gifts to match every mom’s style.

I can’t wait to see how my mom loves the unique Mother’s Day gift the kids and I picked out for her.

Do you have a special person in your life that loves you like a mother?
Tell me about him or her.

*This week, I am sharing about my experience shopping online for Mother’s Day gifts with  ProFlowers.com, RedEnvelope.com and PersonalCreations.com. I have shared about them before and I support their commitment to providing their customers with a quality, custom products at an affordable price. I was given a gift certificate to spend on my loved ones for Mother’s Day in return for providing you with a little bit of insight into my experience. My opinions are my own and they are honest and authentic. 


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