Lego Party Food Cups and Muffin Tin Monday

What do you think of these Lego Food Cups? Perfect for a party, birthday, or an anytime treat. They were sort a last minute creation after the kids and I were playing Legos today. My brain works like that – inspiration on the fly! I thought it would be fun to add cupcake liners and snacks to the inside.

Lego Party Food Cups

Not your typical Muffin Tin Meal, I know. But they do have muffin cups inside. I gathered up a bunch of lego bricks and set to building. I went through one or two rebuilds. It was so rewarding to fill them with snacks!

May 2012 062

No DIY shot would be complete without a kitten photo bomb! Our new kitten likes to be right where the action is.Here you can see the cups were actually hallow on the bottom. Had I had enough Legos to create a full base, I would have done so. But the frame created the perfect effect I think.

Now it’s your turn!


  1. What a great idea! My kids would LOVE to eat from Lego Cups!! haha - my cats have photo bombed SO many of my not seen shots - thanks for sharing yours!

  2. Mo will love this idea. Our legos are still the big size so I may have to go get a special set for this treat.

  3. Such fun! JDaniel would love this.

  4. That's so cute! I love that idea!

  5. Love it! Fabulous idea and my kids, especially my boys would love it!

  6. That is so cute! I love the idea! Baby C loves her big duplo blocks - this will be fun for her when she is old enough for the little ones! Cute Idea!

  7. Just came across your blog through Pinterest. I thought I was the only one who had a slight obsession with their muffin tin(s) (my mini muffin tin has my heart these days!). Nice to meet someone of like interests :) The lego snack holder is a very cute idea!

  8. How about attaching a bunch of them to one of these lego boards...


    Then you can make a true muffin tin meal