Gifts For You On Mother's Day

I will admit that I rarely take time for myself. Sometimes I am jumping head first into task after task. From helping with school projects to remembering to pack lunches – there are some days that I am just spent! Can you relate? Usually I am asking my family to “give me just five minutes to myself”. Bottom line is I need to be resting more. It’s hard for me to rest. It’s hard for me to say no. But the more I live, the more I realize as a mom, that saying no to some things means saying yes to the good things.

I was given a gift card to spend at Red Envelope on a personalized gift for Mother’s Day. Do you know how hard it was to spend on myself? Sure, I knew exactly what I wanted. But, the actual act of hitting purchase for something that I wanted…something just for me? It was so hard! I love giving and receiving gifts whether  homemade, store bought or gifts purchased online. So, why was this so hard?

Well, finally I told my husband that he was going to have to click the purchase button!
I was all kinds of giddy when the package arrived on the door step. It arrived sooner than expected! Covered with packing peanuts was a little box of joy. And inside that box was this:

red envelope personalized mug

I couldn’t love it more. I usually take that 5 minutes peace that I mentioned above with a strong cup of coffee or tea, so when I saw this mug, I knew it was for me. And I  personalized it with my blog name! My kids even surprised me with a duplicate personalized red mug with a special message just from them! I can’t wait to open it on Mother’s Day.

They have so many other fun “just for me” gifts as well as unique Mother’s Day gifts for your Mom, Aunt, or Grandma. Like these adorable ceramic measuring cups that I think would be so fun for Muffin Tin Lunches or dips and sauces for a veggie tray.

Red Envelope offers:

  • Expedited shipping,
  • Discount codes right on their site (no hunting for coupon codes)
  • Shipping rebate.
  • And they gift boxes are true keepsakes. I keep my husbands love letters in a red envelope box form years ago.

Tell me, do you take regular time out for yourself? Do you treat yourself  to special things? Is it as hard for you as it is for me?

*This is my last post in the gifts for Mother’s Day series, I have shared about my experience shopping online for Mother’s Day gifts with ProFlowers.com, RedEnvelope.com and PersonalCreations.com. I have shared about them before and I support their commitment to providing their customers with a quality, custom products at an affordable price. I was given a gift certificate to spend on my loved ones for Mother’s Day in return for providing you with a little bit of insight into my experience. My opinions are my own and they are honest and authentic.


  1. That's a great cup! I didn't know they can personalize them like that! :)

  2. This looks like a wonderful gift to you! How fun to have your blog name on a cup!