Peanut Butter Yogurt Honey Fruit Dip

peanut butter yogurt honey dip

I often take to twitter or facebook when I need quick savvy advice from my readers and friends. Friday was no exception. I asked twitter if Nutella was healthy. And the response was a collective “No, but it’s yummy!” I wanted to find an alternative to peanut butter since Muffin Tin Boy doesn’t like it (what’s not to love?). Leah Seghedie of @bookieboo and mamavation.com offered up this suggestion on twitter as a possible healthier alternative:

Mix some peanut butter with yogurt and add a drizzle of honey for a creamy fruit dip.

Brilliant and delicious and healthy! (We used natural peanut butter, organic yogurt, and local pure honey). Although Muffin Tin Boy still didn’t like it, I LOVED it. Maybe you and your kids will too.

Another twitter friend suggested almond butter. I think that’s next up on the grocery list. I have been meaning to try Justin’s Nut Butters. I hear they are delicious.

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