Summer Muffin Tin Snack Ideas


Summer is the perfect time of year for fun snacks and treats. If you’ve been on the fence about muffin tin meals, I encourage you to give it a try this summer.

fun snack ideas

In this snack: Granola and peanut butter mashed together, carrots, banana slices and watermelon flowers

Some fun Muffin Tin Snack ideas:

DIY Berry Smoothie Bar: Load muffin tins with an assortment of berries, fruit and add ins like flaxseed or shhh…spinach!

Travel Theme: Going on a family vacation? Create a themed meal around your destination spot.

Book club: Are your kids in a reading program over the summer? Create a literature inspired muffin tin meal from a favorite book

Make Your Own Pizzas: start with english muffins or pita bread and pizza sauce. Load a muffin tin with all sorts of different toppings. Toast in the oven for DIY pizza fun!

Planning a trip to the local watering hole? Create beach/ocean/lake themed muffin tin meal!

What are you planning fun for this summer?


  1. I just made a travel tin today. How did you know?

  2. This looks yummy and such an easy healthy snack!