Muffin Tin Monday

Welcome to Muffin Tin Monday, the original blog link up for muffin tin meals.Keeping this short and sweet today. Next week, I will be doing a patriotic theme if anyone wants to join in. Not necessarily 4th of July, if you are from a different country, feel free to celebrate your national heritage next week.

muffin tin lunh

In this tin: watermelon, carrots, hummus, red grapes, cream cheese and cilantro on bread and water. Now, It's your turn!


  1. Sarita7:14 AM

    Just opened my new better homes and garden mag.page 134 - they recommend corralling food in a muffin tin. Just thought you should know if you didn't lready.
    Good monday

  2. thanks for muffin tin mondays!! love them

  3. Great lunch! I love your sandwich spread!

  4. Yum. I've never tried cream cheese on cilantro, but that sounds refreshing. We are really enjoying watermelon wedges over here, as well!