Muffin Tin Monday

Here’s our “Red, White, and Blue” and Fourth of July Muffin Tin Meal. I know I could have gone all fancy with food cutters and such, but I felt like keeping it simple today.

July 2012 091

Blueberries and marshmallows with strawberries and cherries. I snapped this photo using instagram and my light was horrible! 

I snipped the marshmallows with scissors to make them more “bite sized”. the kids loved it that way. And that’s a vintage Wilton muffin tin all the way from my friend Steph in PA.

Are you wondering who won the giveaway? Check the muffin tin meal giveaway post here.

Now it’s your turn friends! Are you on the fence about participating? I hope you will consider joining in on the fun! Grab a muffin tin and some food. Fill it up and serve! snap a quick photo, upload it to facebook (be sure to mark it as public) or flickr (mark it as public and come back here and add the url/permalink through our link provider “Inlinkz”.

You can even post it to the Muffin Tin Meals Facebook page and link it that way!

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