30 Days of Muffin Tin Meals: Day 21

Happy Friday everyone! Here is another submission in the 30 Days of Muffin Tin Meals for kids. Hard to believe we are at Day 21! I prepped this for the kids to have as an after school snack.

In this muffin tin snack: deli-sliced ham, green grapes, chocolate peanut candies, pretzels, carrots, and plums.

Our colorful  chocolate candies were from Unreal. Unreal is a company that makes candy-but "unjunked". Unreal candy is made with real cane sugar and "no artificial stuff". The chocolate candies were pretty yummy and I love the comparison chart on the website. You can check them out at the Unreal website. We were given a few packs of candies to sample, but were in know way required to write about them.

What's on the menu today in you house?


  1. Those plums remind me that I need to go on a run to the store to get fruit.

  2. It looks good! I have a muffin tin treat planned for my littles this weekend. :)