30 Days of Muffin Tin Meals: Day 22

It's no secret that muffin tin girl does not like her food to touch. Which is part of what she loves about muffin tin meals. All the foods are nicely separated. Muffin Tin Boy is not a fan of complex tastes and textures. He likes simple offering ans leans towards fresh fruit, fresh veggies, and cheeses. Among the veggies he will not eat: fresh tomatoes. Serve it up as pizza or spaghetti sauce and he's all in. But fresh? Not so much. Heck, I don't blame him. I didn't like it until I was an adult. In fact, it was only a few months ago that my husband won me over to tomatoes. But I still try and offer it to the kids now and then. Like today. And while he only took 2 bites, at least he was still willing to try! And that is a baby step towards an expanded palate.

In this muffin tin meal: Italian meatballs, fresh tomato slices, tangerine slices, taffy, veggies and fried rice, and grapes.

I asked this on the Facebook page earlier: What are some of your recent food "successes" with your kids?


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