30 Days of Muffin Tin Meals for Kids: Day 25 Marshmallow Dippers

Welcome to Day 25 of 30 Days of Muffin Tin Meals for kids. Today's Muffin Tin Meal feature is from Vone of Vone Inspired. You might know Vone from Muffin Tin Monday or more importantly from her blog. Vone is a talented designer, blogger and mother.

Vone recently took her girls on a beach picnic and they shared a super fun Marshmallow Dippers Muffin Tin Snack right on the beach!

To find out what Vone used in her muffin tin snack for dipping marshmallows, be sure to visit her blog.

I love tha Vone wasn't afraid to take her muffin tin on the go! Have you ventured out with your muffin tin meals?


  1. Thanks for the feature and kind words. It was a fun and super yummy snack for all of us.


  2. My kids would love that! Marshmallows are their favorite snack lately.

    We make little muffin tin snacks for the car when we travel: http://www.mommysavers.com/2012/02/muffin-tin-monday-muffin-tin-meal-in-the-car/