After School Soda Float Party with Hansen's Natural

Today's 30 Days of Muffin Tin Meals post is stepping a little "outside the muffin tin" so to speak. 
The weather has not cooled off here in Southern California. You wouldn't even know it was the beginning of fall. It's been the Perfect weather for a refreshing treat! 

So I invited a few friends over for an after school ice cream soda float party. On hand, thanks to the fine folks at Hansen's Natural were a variety of Hansen's Natural sodas and vanilla ice cream. The kids all got to choose a Hansen's and pour into a cup filled with vanilla ice cream. We had mango orange, key lime twist, root beer and original cola. Hansen's Natural is made with real cane sugar and the taste is light and crisp and not too overpowering or "sugary".


There were lots of mmmmm's all around! Some of the kids decided Hansen's was perfect all by itself. Fine by me, I couldn't agree more.

If you want to have a soda float party, Real Simple Magazine suggests this clever idea for cutting down on the inevitable scoop mess with pre-scooped ice cream in baking cups. Store in a muffin tin in the freezer and bring out when you are ready to serve!  

                                                         image via Mark Lund for Real Simple.

Key Lime Twist Hansen's and vanilla ice cream tastes just like key lime pie! Seriously, so good

Did you know they have over 30 + flavors of soda? 
To find your favorite flavor and where to buy, visit Hansens.com

You can also connect with them through Facebook and Twitter. You can even vote for your favorite Hansen's soda for a chance to win an iPhone 5!

And you can follow along with all of the Hansens SoCal Bloggers by following the #HansensSoCal hastag on twitter. 

 *This is the second post in a sponsored three part series for Hansen's Natural Soda. I was also provided with a handful of Hansen's Natural Soda to share with friends. Stay tuned for another fun and sure to be yummy post.