30 Days of Muffin Tin Meals Day 6: Disney World Theme

Are you planning a vacation to Disneyland or Disney World in the future? Then do what Melissa of Another Lunch did: Celebrate with a Disney World themed muffin tin meal!

Melissa from Another Lunch is so creative and I love how she uses color to convey the theme. 

Mickey MTM

In Melissa's Muffin Tin Lunch: Cucumbers, olives, strawberries & Earth foil wrapped chocolate piece, popcorn, sandwich of pb&j on multigrain bread, mimi M&M's

Thank you for sharing Melissa! 

Melissa is a mother of four and blogs about making lunch fun and waste free at AnotherLunch.com. Go check her out! Her lunches are drool-worthy.

*photo used with permission from anotherlunch.com

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  1. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Very fun! Thanks for sharing.