MTM Submission

Submit a Muffin Tin Meal For Kids:

Would you like to showcase your muffin tin meal or cute food ideas on Muffin Tin Mom? I want to feature you! I am inviting my readers and long time Muffin Tin Meal Makers to submit their muffin tin meal photos to Muffin Tin Mom to be featured on days other than the Muffin Tin Monday link up.

Your idea and photo, complete with a link back will take center stage on the day you are featured. Your submission will also be featured on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Guidelines for submitting a muffin tin meal photo to Muffin Tin Mom:
  • Can be a lunch, dinner, breakfast, dessert or snack.
  • Must be a bright, preferably daylight photograph, without flash.  
  • I look for color and variety. Themes are great and will be considered, but not necessary.
  • ALL submissions will be viewed and considered. You may submit up to 5 photos or different meals, and 1-2 photos of each.  I will link back to your blog if you have one, but not necessary to have a blog to be featured.
  • You may uses muffin tins, paper muffin cups, silicone muffin cups, or any variation thereof. Bentos will not be featured.  If you would like to feature your bento, please visit the weekly link up on Wednesdays at “What’s For Lunch at Our House” at bentolunch.net

Some tips for photographing muffin tin meals:
  • When photographing, add dry ingredients to the muffin tin cups first.
  • Cut fruits last to prevent the “browning” from showing up n photos.
  • Photograph straight on or at an interesting angle. (Sometimes I will often stand on a chair directly above the MTM to get the shot.)
  • Please attempt to “watermark” your photos. It’s not necessary to be featured, but it’s a generally good idea for sharing work online. Pixlr.com has a great quick photo editing tool that you can use and has the ability to add text in fun fonts.
*Please send your submission with photo attached and MTM SUBMISSON in the subject line to muffintinmom(at)gmail(dot)com. 


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