Muffin Tin Monday: Hearts

Good morning friends! Happy Muffin Tin Monday! This is the blog link up that showcases muffin tin meals from around to web and celebrates the sometimes challenging task of getting wee ones to eat. Muffin tin meals started more than 4 years ago with Muffin Tin Monday. To read more about that, you can click over to Muffin Tin Meals FAQ.

In this muffin tin lunch: carrot sticks, kettle corn, cold peas,
 heart shaped PB and J sandwiches, sliced pluots

I used a heart shaped silicone muffin pan from Wilton that I bought at Michael's and a Wilton brand heart shaped fondant cutter to cut the sandwiches out. Easy peasy. NO ordering from Amazon, just walk right  in (40% off coupon in hand for sure) and you can buy!

Yesterday was the last day in the 30 Muffin Tin Meals in 30 Days challenge. Click ove to check that out.

Now it's your turn to join in the fun. 

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