30 Days of Muffin Tin Meals: Day 12 Pirate Themed Muffin Tin Meal

Today is Day 11 of our journey to 30 Days of Muffin tin Meals for Kids and I am so pleased to welcome long time MTM'er Shannyn of Sugary Flower. Shannyn's muffin tin meals are always super fun. And today's feature is no exception.

Avast, me hearties! It's a Pirate themed muffin tin meal - perfect for International Talk Like a Pirate Day which is September 19th, 2012!

In this Pirate themed MTM: Spinach leaf palm tree with pea "coconuts"; Cheese (writing done with Gourmet Writers); a chocolate coin; Middle: Pikelet skulls;  Banana slices hoistin' the Jolly Roger; Yogurt with "Buried Treasure"; Apple skulls.

Click over to Sugary Flower find out what "buried treasure" was hidden beneath the yogurt
*Photo used with permission from Sugary Flower. 


  1. JDaniel would inhale your palm tree.

  2. I love it! Stella has been really into pirates lately. I talk to her like a pirate and she cracks up. I'm pretty sure she thinks I've lost my mind!