Fresh Dish Meal Delivery

Have you head of Fresh Dish? This Southern California company boasts prepped and ready-to-cook meals with fresh ingredients and unique recipes delivered straight to you doorstep. Fresh Dish is similar to a box subscription service, but there's no monthly charge - you pay per meal.

If you like Dream Dinners, or have always wanted to try it, then you will love Fresh Dish. Similar in price point to Dream Dinners, Fresh Dish takes the prep work out of meal time without sacrificing on taste or substance.

In the midst of our recent sick days, I received an email from the folks at Fresh Dish asking me if I'd like to try one of their meal kits and share my thoughts. So let me get this straight...my kids are sick and you want to send me a fully prepped, read to cook meal with fresh ingredients delivered right to my doorstep?

Let me think about that for a sec. Yes, Please!

Since our littles love shrimp, we opted for the shrimp fajitas. Because I was busy caring for a sick kid, I didn't even open the box until 30 minutes before meal time. I was hoping it would be as easy as the website said, and it was! Everything I needed was in the box (down to the oil I needed to sautee the shrimp and veggies) and Dinner was ready in 30 minutes from start to finish!

A few pleasant surprises about Fresh Dish:

Fresh Dish is for everyone. Delivered in a box packed with dry ice packs - the ingredients can last on your doorstep virtually all day long (8 hrs I think) - so whether you are a stay at home parent or a work away from home parent, or a professional who works long hours your fresh dish boxes will arrive cold and ready. Fresh Dish appeals to me on so many levels. From choosing the 2 person option for "After-The-Kids-Go-To-Bed-Date-Nights" to busy weeknights when I still want fresh food-but don't have time to spend on prep. Recipe Challenged? Fresh Dish provides easy to follow step-by-step recipe cards for each meal.

You can freeze meals. If you are ordering more than one meal at a time, you can refrigerate and even freeze your meal ingredients for a later time. I love this option for busy weeks when we have a lot going on and might not know which nights we will be home for dinner.

Meat. Lots of it. Usually with prepackaged, pre-prepped meals, companies save money (or ahem make money) by skimping on how much meat per serving they include in each dish. My husband would like to personally thank Fresh Dish for not skimping on the meat and fully satisfying his hunger.

Here's a fun video about Fresh Dish:

Thinking of trying Want $10 off your first order? Click over to Fresh Dish to enter your zip code to see if they deliver to your area, sign up and get started choosing your meals. Be sure to enter the promo code FRESHFRIENDS10.

*Disclosure: I was provided a meal kit free of charge to try and give my opinion.  You can trust my opinion because it mine and no one else's. It is honest. And I honestly love Fresh Dish. If you click the link above and decide to purchase a meal kit I get $10 off my next purchase. Just like you.


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