Knotts Boardwalk and New Timber Mountain Log Ride Opening Memorial Day Weekend!

Knott's Berry Farm holds a special place in my heart. I grewup with so many memories there. I can still remember riding the fiesta swings and getting funnel cake to share on one the many daddy daughter dates growing up.

I got a special sneak peek of what's to come this May when Knott's Berry Farm opens a state of the art update to the beloved Timber Mountain Log Ride and  Boardwalk area of the park. Debuting Memorial Day weekend, these additions will bring a fresh update to a park steeped in wonderful tradition and heritage.

Crews have been working non-stop and its hard to believe this will all be done and finished by Memorial Day. I can't wait to see how it turns out! Look's to me like it will be like "Goofy's Fly School" at CA Adventure, but bigger and need I say faster?

Knotts already boasts rides and attractions for everyone fromfamilies with young children to theme park thrill seekers.However, the 3 new rides that are being installed in the retro southern california surf themed Boardwalk: The Coast Rider, Surf Glider and Pacific Scrambler will all be geared specifically for families.

Tickets are considerably cheaper than that other park, but my suggestion is the season pass.

Season Passes
 To take advantageof all the new offerings and experience all of Knott’s Farm Fresh Fun, the parkis selling 2013 Season Passes for only $72.00 or 6 easy payments of $12.00 fora limited time.  As a Season Pass holderguests receive:

·        Unlimitedvisits for the entire 2013 season
·        Noblackout dates.  That’s right, noblackout dates.
·        Discountsat select food and merchandise locations
·        Discountson Halloween Haunt Tickets
·        Earlyride time on select rides during summer
·        Othergreat Season Pass perks and surprises throughout the year!

To purchasepasses and find additional information on all Knott’s Berry Farm has to offer,visit www.knotts.com.

Snoopy says "See you Memorial Day Weekend!"

 Disclosure: In exchange fro writing this post, I received a "backstage glimpse" of the new Knott's theme park rides opening in May. I was not compensated in any way.


  1. Wow, Knotts Berry farms has been the same for so many years, the new changes look cool!

  2. Don't they? Can't wait to ride the new rides!