A Positive Message and Tons of Laughs in The LEGO Movie

Today, February 7th, the first LEO themed full length theatrical release opens nationwide.  The LEGO movie features an all star cast of voices including Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation) as Emmett, Elizabeth Banks (People Like Us) as Wyldstyle, Will Arnett (Arrested Development) as Batman, Will Ferrell (Elf) as Lord Business and Morgan Freeman as Vetruvius.

Last weekend, my family and were invited to Legoland Califonia as part of a press junket for the film. We were also invited to get a sneak peek viewing of the movie before it hits theaters today. Having only seen teaser trailers up until the viewing I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

The film delivers on many levels. I don't want to spoil the movie and give away any plot lines so I will just share with you my take aways. I loved the positive messages for kids about creativity, originality, imagination, team work, believing in yourself.


On the way home from the screening, I heard my little guy giggling in the back seat and I asked him what was so funny. He said "Oh, just thinking about The LEGO movie again." That's when you know a "kids" movie is good -when it has them giggling all the way home.  It's a great film for all ages. 
Anyone who has ever played with LEGO or has a child who plays with LEGO will love this movie. There were so many great one-liners and references to the love of LEGO. I asked my 8 year old son if it inspired him to get out his Legos when we get home and create something new. And he said "So much."

We were also given a tour of the incredible LEGO build's from scenes from the LEGO movie. Over 1.5 million Lego went into constructing it all!

During our time at Legoland California, I snuck off to a Q & A with Elizabeth Banks, who voices the character of Wyldstyle. She's not only a wickedly talented actress, but also a mom of two boys. I loved what she had to say about her character Wyldstyle: "...I was really excited to play an action heroine. Just somebody who's so kick butt and take charge and rescues the boys. I think she's a great role model for all the young girls who are going to see the movie." 

I really can't recommend The LEGO Movie enough - if not for the copious amounts of LEGO and the unabashed laughter that is sure to ensue, then for the many positive messages for kids.

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  1. Great review. The girls really want to go see it too, C is totally into Legos :)