Easy Back to School Shopping: Give Back to your School with Schoola #clothes4schools

Back to School time is here! We have just a few days before school starts. My daughter is especially looking forward to school. She's already talking about seeing her friends, starting a new grade, and what she will wear on her first day of school. We homeschool through a charter school, so she will be going to school a few days a week to have a "traditional" school experience. Her actual first day in the classroom will be a bit later. She told me recently, that sometimes it's hard to know what tops and bottoms go together because she keeps them separate in her closet and dresser. So together we came up with a fun idea to help her choose outfits in the morning:

 We put a bunch of outfits together and photographed them, complete with shoes and accessories. She will put the photos in a photo book (or store them on her iPod) and can flip through them when she is getting ready for school. Problem solved! She felt so empowered to be her own stylist and to have a simple way to help her get ready for school.

Have you heard about Schoola?
Schoola turns brand name outgrown clothes into money for your child's school programs. You can donate your previously worn clothes to Schoola and request that your child's school receive a predetermined portion of the proceeds from the sale of the clothes. We are excited to pick out a few things for back to school and maybe even a holiday dress!

It's a win-win for you and the school! Don't feel like donating? That's okay. You can still shop the thousands of brand name previously worn kid's clothing items on the Schoola website and proceeds still go to schools in need. You can even hold a "Schoola Clothes Drive" and get your entire school or  homeschool co-op group involved! To request a free donation bag or shop for school clothes and a great discount, visit Schoola.com

You can connect with Schoola through their many social media channels:
Website: Schoola.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/Schoola
Twitter: Twitter.com/Schoola
Follow the hashtag #ClothesforSchools


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