Cute Paper Turkey Craft For Kids

It's almost Thanksgiving. There's still time to create a few turkey themed craft projects like this paper turkey craft for kids. It's simple to constuct, you just need the right supplies and you'll be on your way!


12 strips of 6in. by 1in. brown card stock paper
6 strips of 2in. by 12in. colorful cardstock paper
Small pieces of white, black and orange cards rock for the eyes and beak
1 hole punch (preferable heavy duty)
2 brads
Glue stick
Small circle punch (optional)

To begin making the cute paper turkey craft:

  • Line up the pieces of brown card stock and punch a holes at each end. Secure the brown strips together at one end with one brad as shown.
  • Line up the colorful card stock strips and punch holes at each end. Line up the holes to match the other end of the brown strips. Secure all together with the second brad.

It should now look like this...

Begin separating the brown strips out, one by one until it forms a ball or circle shape. The brown circle will be the turkey body/head.

Your paper turkey craft should now start to look like this...

Fan out the folded multi-colored strips of card stock paper to make the turkey feathers.

  • Using a small circle punch, punch circles out of white card stock.
  • Using the hole punch, punch out 2 tiny black circles.
  • Glue the black circles to the white ones to make the turkey eyes. Glue the eyes onto to the brown turkey face, above the brad.
  • Cut a small rounded triangle out of orange car stock and glue it just above the brad.

Your cute turkey craft will be a little back heavy and will have trouble standing up on it's own. You can prop it up like I did or hang it with a piece of string or ribbon.


  1. This is so easy and lovely craft idea. I always look forward to make my 6 year old son by doing creative activities which opens up his mind and help him explore more things himself. He found it so cute that he wanted to try his hands on it. Trust me he was able to make it exactly the same as the step-by-step instructions were so clear, without much of my help! Thank you so much for sharing such creative craft for kids!