Photo Diary of Luke's Bone Cancer Journey - Mid Treatment

It's become a little easier to look at photos of our experience through Luke's cancer. During mid-treatment, my husband was still able to be with us dying many of the days. What a blessing that was. It helped Luke so much to have his Dad around. 

I never missed an opportunity to hold him. I didn't care what anyone thought. Or how many times he needed me in a day.

Luke loves to smile and laugh and joke. Even in the treatment room, right before his bone scan.

Every week, before his in-patient protocol, Luke saw the doctor to make sure his body was at it's best for chemo. I can tell by this photo that this was post surgery and maybe our first chemo back after surgery? Whatever the case, I remember one of the doctors on Luke's team being so gracious while Luke watched videos on his iPad. He was so patient and kind

Oh the dance parties...Luke loved to dance his way through treatment. We'd try to have a dance party every week in his room. He still loves to dance.

Pet Therapy. He always looked forward to the pet therapy dogs coming to visit. Animals are his love language.

In many of the in-patient rooms there are these beams that run across the windows that create alcoves that are perfect for climbing. Even with a bunch of tubes connected to his body, he managed to climb up there to be with his sister.

Always smiling.


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