6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Opening of the New Peanuts Movie!

Fans of the Peanuts Gang are eagerly awaiting this Friday, November 6th, when the Peanuts Movie hits theaters. The brand new Peanuts movie follows lovable Charlie Brown and his gaggle of pals through an all new big screen adventure. Blue Sky Studios helms the project, with the blessing of Charles Shulz's son Craig Shulz. Both the studio and Shulz have taken great care to preserve the elder Shulz's timeless legacy and bring the Peanuts Gang to the big screen. As a Peanuts fan goring up and still to this day, I can't wait to see the film.

Here are a few ways to get into the Peanuts spirit:

Get to Know the Cast
A talented group of actors voice the cast of the new Peanuts Movie. This past weekend, I got the chance to meet some of them.

Noah Schnapp plays the iconic main character Charlie. When Noah is not acting he likes playing basketball,riding his bike, and playing with his dog. Noah can also be seen Tom Hanks' son in the cold war thriller Bridge of Spies, which is currently showing in theaters.

Marliek Marmar Walker, who plays charlie's BFF Franklin, is no newbie to voice over work, he is also in the popular disney show Bubble Guppies among his many other acting credits. Mar Mar is a triple threat when it comes to entertainment - he can sing, dance and act. Mar Mar, along with his dad, even came up with a dance for the movie called the "Charlie Brown".

Francesca Capaldi Francesca voices the character of the little red haired girl. Francesca has been acting since the age of four and  may recognize her from her portrayal of Chloe on Disney's hit T.V. Show Dog with a Blog.

Alex Garfin He plays Linus, the blonde haired, blanket loving brother of Lucy. Alex has been acting since age 3 and enjoying acting, singing and playing the saxophone and trombone.

Practice your "Charlie Brown" Dance
Mar Mar ________ came up with this catchy and fun dance called the "Charlie Brown". He even has an instructional video to help your child (or you ;-) ) lean the steps. Mar Mar enlists the help of his whole family in the video and it's a treat to watch!

Mar Mar Charlie Brown Instuctional Video 1080 from marleik walker on Vimeo.

Peanutize Yourself
Wondering what it means to be "peanutized"? When you visit the Peanuts Movie Official Website, you can create your very own Peanuts Character!  Why stop there, go ahead and peanutize your entire family! You will love how your very own character turns out! Here's me with Snoopy - He's my favorite character. ;-)

Have fun with this free Peanuts activity page!
Our friends at Highlights Along the Way are sharing a free Peanuts activity page this week that is sure to get your in the movie watching mood! It would even be a great idea to bring one to do in the movie theater while you wait for the movie to start.

Visit Camp Snoopy
Camp Snoopy is a Peanuts themed play area in a number of Cedar Fair Parks including Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA.

Create a "Snoopy Selfie Collage"
If you have a stuffed Snoopy, take him along for a ride around town. Visit your city's attractions like the movie theater, library, park, beach, or special monuments and snap photos of Snoopy about town. See how many fun and creative places Snoopy can see. Preserve the fun by creating a collage on Pixlr of all the places you- ahem, I mean, he visited).

Will you be seeing The Peanuts Movie?


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