Strawberry And Goat Cheese Spring Salad with Balsamic Dressing

This post originally appeared in March 2012 on this blog back when I was just discovering farmer's markets and organic food choices, and has been reprinted with permission.

Make this simple strawberry and goat cheese salad for your next gathering. The rich flavor of the goat cheese paired with the sweet strawberries and tangy balsamic dressing is sure to be a hot with friends and family.


  • Spring salad greens
  • Fresh local organic strawberries (about 1 basket full)
  • Goat Cheese (4-8 oz, crumbled)
  • Favorite Balsamic dressing


  • Chop up your your favorite spring salad greens (or purchase a pre-packed spring mix with baby greens)
  • Slice your strawberries into bite size thinly sliced pieces
  • Add crumbled goat cheese (I purchased mine from costco in a 2 pack and crumbled it using a spoon)
  • Toss together the greens, strawberries and goat cheese, top with your favorite balsamic dressing and serve!
Tastes great paired with the easiest slow cooked chicken ever.

One of the many ways to get your kids excited about eating fresh local foods is to take them along on shopping trips. Take them to local fruit stands or farmer’s market. Seeing fresh fruit and vegetables outside the grocery store breaks the mystery about where food comes from. You can get to know the farmers and sellers.

vista farmers market

 In an intimate setting like a farm, fruit stand, or farmer’s market, you can get up close and personal with local sellers. It becomes and enriching experience for the whole family.

We went to our local farmer’s market last weekend and enjoyed some delicious strawberries, snap peas, and blood oranges. If you are low on funds, bring with you a small amount of cash and sample only a few items. Many booths will let you “try before you buy”. We tried blood oranges and loved them! We had them cut up with strawberries for a fresh snack.

(strawberries and blood oranges from our farmer's market)

The more you go to farmer's markets, the more you will know how certain booths price their fruit; which ones are certified organic and which ones have organic practices, but don’t have the certification.

If you can’t make it to the farmer’s market, your local grocery store may carry organic and local alternatives (and don’t forget to to check what’s on the clean 15/dirty dozen list). but, be sure to do your research!


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