Release Your Inner Ninja at Legoland Califonia's Ninjago World!

If you are planning a family vacation to Legoland California this year, you are going to love the all new Ninjago World opening May 5th. The kids and I attended a Ninjago media preview day that included ninjas, a drum core confetti and smoke! It was spectacular.

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Ninjago The Ride
Inside Legoland's newest endeavor, Ninjago World, you will be able to release your inner ninja on Ninjago The Ride. This 4D epic interactive experience has you battling along side Ninjago heroes to defeat the skeletons, ghosts, and snakes from the beloved television series and Lego toys. Riders uses their best Ninja moves to slay the bad guys and become a Master of Spinjitzu. Ninjago The Ride is a truly unique encounter with it's use of maestro technology. No other Southern California theme park (as well as North America) has this technology.

Here's an almost 180 degree view of Ninjago World that I shot so you can see what it looks like (note: this was later in the day after most of the guests had left the area).

Even the queue to line up for the Ninjago ride is rad.

Here's what it looks like as you embark throughout the ride. It was so much fun, the kiddos and I loved it! 

Ninja Kitchen
You can savor the Asian "street style" cuisine at the Ninja Kitchen which serves delicious Bahn Mi and Bao Buns (pictured below). They were so tasty and definitely not your average theme park food.

Kai's Spinners. 
Spin like the Masters of Spinjitzu and practice your stealth ninja climbing in the outdoor play area. This is perfect for families with very young children who need to wait while older siblings ride the ride.

Temple Build.
Build your own Ninjago inspired creations at a building station at the base of an epic Ninjago Monastery Temple Lego model. Guess what? Over 1,000,000,000 Legos were used to create all of the Lego models throughout Ninjago World at Legoland California.

Important to know: The intense graphics and nature of the Ninjago ride may not be suitable for young children. Legoland California recommends that children above the age of 4

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  1. Love the 360 video, such a great idea loved being able to see Ninjago World without everyone in there! Also love the note at the end about the ride not being suitable for younger kids, my 3 year old wasn't a fan of the 4D effects. :) He did really enjoy the Ninja Ceremony though!