Finding Dory Shrinky Dink Magnets

We can't wait for Disney PIXAR's Finding Dory to swim into movie theaters on June 17th. We've been playing around with our Finding Dory coloring pages and created a this Finding Dory Shrinky Dinks Magnet craft for kids. My daughter, who is a burgeoning artist, helped color Dory and Nemo and then we worked on the shrink dink part of the craft together. Let me tell you, shrinky dink crafts can be a bit challenging, and down right frustrating. But will a little patience, you can have success! 

To make the Finding Dory Shrinky Dinks, you will You will need: 
Colored Pencils in various colors
One thin black sharpie for outlining
Toaster oven or conventional oven
Small baking sheet
Magnet tape, cut into squares

Here's how:
Start by finding our Finding Dory coloring pages. Print your Finding Dory coloring pages on to regular copy paper, enlarging the printed area if desired.

Lay your shrinky dink paper, rough side up, over the coloring page you want to trace. Tape the edges so it doesn't slip as you trace. Trace and color dory and any of her friends, like Nemo or Marlin.

It should look like this.

Cut out your Finding Dory shiny dinks.

Place in the toaster oven, rough side up. And bake according to the directions on the shrink dink paper package (usually 2 minutes). Remove using a spatula. Allow to cool. Add magnet to back!

Note: Your shrinky dink may curl while in the oven, try to let it work itself out before removing it. If you remove it from the heat too early, it will stay curled!

For Dory's coloring, we used blue and yellow sharpie for the body, Black sharpie for the outline and shading, and pink colored pencil for the eyes.

For Nemo's coloring we used orange sharpie marker for the body, thin black sharpie for outlining and orange colored pencil for the eyes.

Tips for successful Finding Dory Shinky Dink Magnets:

  • Make two or three just in case one doesn't turn out. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
  • The shrink dink will curl a bit while in the oven, but should uncurl.
  • You want the oven preheated, this will help it heat up evenly. 
  • While a conventional oven works fine, we found that a toaster oven works the best for small hands. If you don't have one, may thrift stores have them. We have found that the shrink dink makers don't work as well as a toaster oven. They don't get hot enough.
  • If you want to make your Finding Dory shrinky dinks into a key chain, add a hole punch before baking. 

Have fun crafting!

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