Get Faster Internet with Gigablast from Cox

(This post is in partnership with Cox California.) 

How important is fast, reliable internet service to you? This week I was invited down to the penthouse suite at the Pinnacle building in downtown San Diego to find out just how much Cox's new Gigablast internet speed can handle inside the Cox Smart Home. You might recognize the name Gigablast from Cox's well-known poignant television commercials.

My tour of the Cox Smart Home featured a variety of high-tech experiences:

  • Food blogger Whitney Bond making some delicious bites.
  • Professional violinist, Jason Yang giving a virtual violin lesson to some students across the globe via Skype.
  • Telemedicine via a demonstration of a virtual physical therapy module.
  • Gamer and college student Tyler Burnette playing on a customized PC with ultra hi-def graphics.
  • Meat slow cooking in a Char-Broil WiFi enabled smoker.
  • Smart Pet Feeder with a built in webcam and connected via Wi-Fi.
  • A virtual golf swing simulator and demo.
  • STEAM Education - A young student learning via virtual reality goggles about science and STEAM based interactive projects.
  • Cox HomeLife 
  • Cox Contour Smart TV

So pretty much every lifestyle that depends on fast reliable internet was represented and they were all simultaneously accessing Cox's highest speed internet, Gigablast. That's a lot of devices, consoles and appliances using the same data without a single interruption. I was surprised and seriously impressed by what I saw.

Gigablast, with it's 1 Gigabit of power per household, boasts impressive download speeds up to 100 times faster than the average broadband.
That's comparable to:
  • 1 next-gen video game in 3 minutes
  • 10 HD movies in 7 minutes
  • 100 itunes downloads in 3 seconds
  • 1,000 photos in 16 seconds
I'm intrigued by what Gigablast can do. We use internet for homeschool, work, and leisure. Our download speeds could use a boost and I'm wondering if we need an upgrade.

Gigablast is rolling out into Southern California (as well as some other areas where Cox is available). You can find out more about Gigablast and check availibity by clicking here.


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