Sweet and Simple Baby Jesus Ornament

My kids have made so many cute baby jesus crafts for Christmas over the years. Each one holds a special place in my heart. So when it came time to make a Christmas ornament this year, I wanted to think up something a little unique - or as unique as possible. When I was little, I made an ornament a little tiny toy baby inside and walnut shell and covered it with a little scrap of cloth. That's the inspiration for this year's baby jesus ornament.  

Here's how you and your kids can make their own sweet and simple baby jesus ornament:

Supplies you will need:
Brown card stock paper sized 5x7
Scissors or paper cutter
Hole punch or "crop-a-dile" crop-a-dile (affiliate link)
2 brads 
1 cotton ball
Several inches of string or fishing line
1 small peg doll (affiliate link) or wood bead 
1 small scrap of cloth
1 gold star beads (affiliate link)

Directions to make a baby jesus ornament for kids:
  1. Start by cutting your brown paper into 1/2 thick, 5 inch long strips. 
  2. Hole punch at each end. I used a "crop-a-file" for this step. While not necessary, it did make it faster. If you are making these with a sunday school or class, you can easily have the strips pre-cut and pre-punched.
  3. Next, fasten both hole-punched ends with a brad.
  4. At this point you may also want to add some string to the outside edge of one of the brads, to create a little place for it to hang from. 

5. Starting at one end, gently fan out the strips. It should start to curve outward until they make a semi-circle.

It should look like this. This is the manger.

Oops! forgot to add the string to the top first! 

6. Pull apart the cotton ball a little, thinning it out just enough to make a little bed to 
7. Using liquid school glue or your adhesive of choice, glue the cotton ball inside the manger.

8. Next wrap or swaddle a peg doll tightly with some scrap cloth, securing the cloth with some glue or a small safety pin. Safety pin not advised for kids under four.

If your peg doll is too light because well, baby jesus wasn't white, you can make your peg doll darker by tea-staining or painting the baby's head with thinned brown paint. We tried both and went with the brown paint.

 9. Lastly, hang a star bead from the inside top of the manger, hooking it under the ends of the brad. secure with glue as desired.

 That's it! Hang your baby jesus ornament on your Christmas tree.



  1. This is such an adorable idea, and I love how simple it is. Thank you for sharing.