Five Podcasts For Curious Kids

podcasts for kids

My family and I are addicted to listening to podcasts, specifically podcasts for kids and families. If you have kids that are always asking “Why?” or pepper you with seemingly random questions about how stuff works…then podcasts just might be for you and yours. We love them for a variety of reasons. They are great for long car rides, they get the kids off their screens and engaged. They are fun to talk about together as a family and the ones we’ve found are both entertaining and educational.  Here are the podcasts we love in no particular order.

Host Molly along with producer Marc and writer Sanden encourage kids to turn on their brains to the wonders of science and engage in curious thinking about subjects like "Why is the ocean salty?" and "Do we all see the same colors?" They interview a variety of super smart and interesting guests and their creative take on the podcast has my kids begging to listen to the next episode. Brains On! is operated by the American Media Network and Minnesota Public Radio. Don't have an iPod or MP3 device? You can listen online to Brains On! via Soundcloud 

Kid's stuff podcast explores the process behind today's creatives and what goes into, you guessed it, making stuff for kids. Mike Bradecich brings his passion for arts and entertainment to the podcast. Whether you are a parent, kid or you just prefer kid-friendly content...you will love the behind the scenes approach. We loved the recent episode interviewing Laurie Berkner. She's one of our absolute favorites! www.kidstuffpodcast.com

Dream Big Podcast
7 year old Eva Karpman inspires listeners to Dream Big in their lives. She interviews a variety of guests, including interviewing guests like John Bergman of the popular “Teach Yourself Anything” YouTube Channel. 

But Why? 
With subjects like “Are yawns really contagious?” and “Why do your fingers and toes turn wrinkly in the tub?”, this podcast tackles kids most yearning and unique questions. It’s led by kids, for kids. Kids can even can submit their own questions! It's produced in partnership with NPR and Vermont Public Radio. Visit NPR to learn a little more.

This science podcast for kids is great for the whole family! Hosts Marshall and Lindsay believe that the more kids can learn about science, the better off our world will be! They believe science should be fun and about the process! Tumble was listed as "Best of iTunes" in 2016. http://www.sciencepodcastforkids.com

Hope you will check them out and get inspired to be more curious about the world around you!

podcasts for curious kids


  1. awesome!! Will have to check these out!

  2. I am OBSESSED with podcasts too! But I had no idea there were podcasts for kids. I'll have to remember this whenever my husband and I start our family in a couple years. If they're anything like us, they'll be super curious so I know they'll love podcasts too!

  3. These sound amazing!!! We are enrolling our almost 5 year old in online public school this year, and this might just help me help her learn <3 Thanks for sharing :)