Avalon Bay EcoWash Portable Washer Review

I was sent an EcoWash Portable Washer to test out and review.

*Disclosure: I was sent an EcoWash Portable Washer by to test out and review by Air-n-water.com

I was instantly intrigued by the EcoWash. We have had some issues with our traditional washer recently and I was wondering how well the Avalon Bay brand portable washer did in a pinch and if it might be something we could take camping this summer. I decided to test out some of the kids clothes, mostly because they are smaller and I would be able to fit more clothes in. According to the directions, it can wash up to five pounds of clothes!

I received the EcoWash in the by mail and it was a breeze to set up! The barrel pops onto the base, and I added the lid and the hand crank and I was ready to go! The EcoWash has a huge barrel with a wide opening and a lid that seals super tight so no water gets out. You rotate the barrel using the hand crank (Pssst, if you have kids this is the perfect job for them). You let it drain out the bottom spot (comes with angle attachment). And rinse again to be sure all the grey water is gone. Wring out if needed and hang dry! That's it.

Tips from our experience:

  • We used a very gentle detergent just in case not all of the soap residue came out our first time around. 
  • Able to wash 6 shirts3 pairs of cotton pants and 1 pair of jean shorts. I probably could have added more.
  • I also forgot the fabric softener. It's a good idea to add a little fabric softener if you are going to hang dry.
  • If you are unable to wring out and hang dry, you might want to invest in a little mini spin dryer.
  • We had access to warm water, so I added warm water to our load. For the extra clean.
  • For us personally, it's not going to be an every day use item, but we will definitely use it for camping and when (or if) our washer breaks and we need something in a pinch.
The Avalon Bay EcoWash is perfect for:
Apartment Living
Washing delicates
When your washer is being serviced
Anyone without access to a washer
Those concerned about water and energy conservation

So easy to set up!
Drains easily
Saves water and detergent
Washes in about 2 minutes
Rinses well, if used according to directions
Washes 5lbs of clothes!
Perfect for camping!

Cons (not many):
Occasionally needs extra rinse cycle.
Small, but still takes up some room in compact spaces.


Special thank you to Air-n-water.com for sending me the EcoWash to test out and share my opinion with you. If you would like to find out more visit Air-n-water.com. Right now they are offering free shipping and 10% off with the code GOGREEN (20% off if you sign up for their email list).


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