Quick Fill Water Balloons Are Super Easy Outdoor Fun

Last summer a care package from my mom arrived on our doorstep with Bunch O' Balloons. Do instant fill water balloons really work? When Bunch O Balloons arrived via infomercial a couple of years ago they seemed too good to be true. Self sealing water balloons? No way. But we had to find out for ourselves.  As it turns out, we discovered that quick fill water balloons are super easy outdoor fun. 

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This summer, we decided, rather spontaneously, to have an epic water balloon fight with friends. It was a warm day, so it was water balloons and watermelon with friends! We had a mega pack of Bunch O Balloons waiting to be used.

We found out some things about Bunch O Balloons that might be good to know:

  • Older kids can fill up the balloons all by themselves, which is great for independent play.
  • They are the perfect size for kid's hands, which makes them easy to throw.
  • Because they fill so well, they are hard, but not impossible to break. 
  • Expect a few "duds" or water balloons with holes, but just one or two.
  • Because they fill so quickly, what used to take all afternoon, now takes just an hour depending on how many balloons you have. It was the perfect amount of time for us!

You can get Bunch O' Balloons here or find them at your local retailer.

The best kind of water balloon fights are those with very little "safe-zone" space. That way everyone gets wet and has a blast! The kids can play together on teams or have their own set of the quick fill balloons.

The kids ended up figuring out how to make the balloons break faster and got up close to really get each other wet. There were so many smiles and it was a great afternoon of fun.

What do you think? Do you think Bunch O Balloons work? Have you tried quick fill water balloons? Leave a comment below with your experience!


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